Student Goverment Night 4/15/24 Recap

Last night was Student Government Night at our Village Board meeting. Students from Shepard and Richards High School Government Class came out and participated at our meeting, by stepping into the roles as Mayor, Village Clerk, Trustee, Attorney and Village Engineer. They learned firsthand what it is like to be in an elected position. They all did an outstanding job! Thank you to their Government teachers who worked with the Mayor’s office to make this all possible!


Shepard High School: Kelly Myron (Social Studies Teacher)

      Students: Sophia Jimenez, Macy Balabon, Amelia Mastela, Ella Correll, & Elizabeth Stepuszek


Richards High School: John Wydra (Social Studies Teacher)

       Students: Ann Sheahan, Paola Vazquez, Amelia Benson, Wylie Hill, Nora O’Shea


The Mayor and Boa

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