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Financial Reports

Estimate Of Revenues
FY20 Appropriation Ordinance FY20 Estimate of Revenues
FY19 Appropriation Ordinance FY19 Estimate of Revenues
FY18 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) FY18 Appropriation Ordinance FY18 Estimate of Revenues
FY17 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) FY17 Appropriation Ordinance FY17 Estimate of Revenues
FY16 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) FY16 Appropriation Ordinance FY16 Estimate of Revenues
FY15 Annual Financial Report (AFR) FY15 Appropriation Ordinance FY15 Estimate of Revenues
FY14 Annual Financial Report (AFR) FY14 Appropriation Ordinance FY14 Estimate of Revenues
FY13 Annual Financial Report (AFR) FY13 Appropriation Ordinance FY13 Estimate of Revenues
FY12 Annual Financial Report (AFR) FY12 Appropriation Ordinance FY12 Estimate of Revenues
FY11 Annual Financial Report (AFR) FY11 Appropriation Ordinance FY11 Estimate of Revenues
FY10 Annual Financial Report (AFR) FY10 Appropriation Ordinance FY10 Estimate of Revenues
FY09 Annual Financial Report (AFR) FY09 Appropriation Ordinance FY09 Estimate of Revenues
FY08 Annual Financial Report (AFR) FY08 Appropriation Ordinance FY08 Estimate of Revenues

Actuarial Reports

Police Pension
Fire Pension
FY18 Police Pension Actuarial Valuation & GASB 67&68 Disclosures FY18 Fire Pension Actuarial Valuation & GASB 67&68 Disclosures CY18 IMRF GASB 68 Actuarial Disclosures FY18 OPEB GASB 74/75 Actuarial Report
FY18 Police Pension IDOI Actuary Report FY18 Fire Pension IDOI Actuary Report CY18 IMRF GASB 50 Actuarial Disclosures TY18 OPEB Tax Levy Actuarial Report
TY18 Police Pension Tax Levy Actuary Report TY18 Fire Pension Tax Levy Actuary Report
Previous Police Pension Reports Previous Fire Pension Reports Previous IMRF Pension Reports Previous OPEB Reports

TIF & Other Reports

TIF Reports
Goverment Communication
Treasurer’s Report
Other Financial Reports
Village of Alsip-SAS 114-2018 FY18 Annual Treasurer’s Report FY18 Internal Control Communication With Management’s Response
FY18 123rd Place & Cicero Avenue TIF Report Village of Alsip-SAS 114-2017 FY17 Annual Treasurer’s Report Previous Internal Communications Letters
FY18 NW Corner Cicero Avenue & I-294 TIF Report Village of Alsip-SAS 114-2016 FY16 Annual Treasurer’s Report PA 097-0609 Reports
FY18 TIF 1 (123rd St. to 127th St.) Report Village of Alsip-SAS 114-2015 FY15 Annual Treasurer’s Report Tax Levies
FY18 Pulaski Road Corridor TIF Report Village of Alsip-SAS 114-2014 FY14 Annual Treasurer’s Report
Village of Alsip-SAS 114-2013 FY13 Annual Treasurer’s Report
Previous TIF Reports Village of Alsip-SAS 114-2012 FY12 Annual Treasurer’s Report