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Cook County Assessor’s Office Press Release 7/11/24

Cook County Assessor’s Office Press Release 7/2/24

Deadline to file for property tax savings is April 29

Cook County, Illinois sent this bulletin at 04/19/2024 10:50 AM CDT

I’m proud to announce the Alsip 2023 Alsip Newsletter is ready for viewing!

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South Land Business Experience Expo April 14th & 15th

Join us for an inspiring event of motivational insights and practical strategies at our upcoming business expo experience, “It’s Time to Win.”

The South Suburban Business expo will showcase industry-specific keynote speakers, panel discussions, and business spotlights on a variety of topics related to business development and growth. This event will offer a unique opportunity for companies to network, make connections, and build relationships with potential customers, partners, and investors.

Attendees can learn industry secrets and best practices. The event will be an interactive experience. You will gain insights into emerging trends and opportunities. Lastly, you will learn how to do business with the government and larger corporations.

This event is perfect for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and anyone looking to take their career to the next level. You’ll leave with actionable takeaways and a renewed sense of determination to achieve your own business goals. Don’t miss this opportunity to be empowered to take control of your career and your legacy. Register now!

On December 5, Cook County issued a notice to employees regarding the Minimum Wage Ordinance (MWO).

Effective January 1, 2023, the minimum wage for tipped workers increases to $7.80, in alignment with the Illinois State minimum wage. The minimum wage for non-tipped workers remains $13.35.

The updated “Notice to Employees” and “Frequently Asked Questions” documents are available here.

Employees who believe their employer is not paying the required minimum wage should first check to ensure the municipality where they work does not have a different minimum wage. If the municipality has not opted out, employees can file a complaint with the Cook County Commission on Human Rights. Complaint forms and additional information can be found online.

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