Clerks Office

Village Clerk: Susan Petzel

  • 708-385-6902 x319
  • Email

Clerks Office Supervisor: Erica O’Donnell

  • 708-385-6902 x323
  • Email

The Clerks Office is responsible for the following functions…

  • Administers the oath of office to sworn officers of the Village Council including committee and commission members as well as appointed officials.
  • Maintains the official Municipal Ordinance Book, official keeper of agreements, contracts, minutes, municipal records, ordinances, resolutions passed by the Village Board and various committees and other pertinent documents.
  • Processes Freedom of Information Requests.
  • Publishes all legal notices and processes block party and solicitation requests.
  • Receives all bids, hearing requests, petitions and other communication addressed to the Corporate body.
  • Responsible for the recording and releasing of liens for past due accounts.
  • Supervises the registration of voters and serves as the local election official under the Cook County Clerk’s Office. Provides access to the list of registered voters and conducts in-office absentee voting within the requirements of the Illinois State Election Law.
  • Responsible for receipting all payments made to the Village of Alsip.
  • Sales of transfer tax and tax exempt stamps.
  • Sales of vehicle registration (vehicle tax) stickers, municipal licenses and permits.
  • Any and all FOIA transactions


Voting Information:
Voter Registration: (registration ends 30 days before election day)

  • You may register at the Cook County Clerks website.
  • You must be a citizen or have proof of U.S. citizenship.
  • You must be at least 18 years old, on or before the next election date.
  • You must live in your voters precinct 30 days before the next election date.
  • You must not be a felony convict or in jail.
  • You cannot claim the right to vote anywhere else.
  • Be prepared to have two documents proving your current address.
  • False information can lead to a conviction of perjury and a fine up to $5,000 and/or jail for 2 to 5 years.


Absentee Ballots:
Absentee ballots are also available 3 weeks before an election at the Village Clerks office. Persons who are unable to vote during regularly scheduled election times may use this option to vote. Those who are physically handicapped may also arrange to vote this way.

Absentee Voting Deadlines Voters can request applications beginning 40 days before the next election. The Village Clerk’s office must receive your application at least five days before the election. Voter ballots must be received by the Village Clerk’s office by Election Day.

The Village Clerk’s Office does not accept application nor the ballots for absentee voting. This is done only thru the Cook County Clerk’s Office.
The Village Clerk’s Office does handle the in-person absentee voting, however this is done the last 3 days prior to election day.

Informational Links:

  • Source of law posted by the Illinois General Assembly