FOIA Requests

  • The Village of Alsip Administrative Procedures for Compliance with the Illinois Freedom of Information Act provide for comprehensive procedures, instructions, and forms for obtaining Municipal public records. This website provides only a brief summary of the FOIA procedures and requirements.
  • Copies of public records will be provided at no fee for the first 50 black and white standard-sized copies. The fee for additional copies is 15¢ per page. Actual cost will be charged for copies of documents not of standard size, and for the recording medium (e.g, compact disk, tape, DVD), when applicable. There is a $1.00 fee for certification of copies.
  • The Village may waive or reduce fees if the person requesting the records states the specific purpose for the request and indicates that a waiver or reduction of fees is in the public interest.

All notices and other communications relating to a request to inspect, copy, or certify public records, and all requests for any other information relating to the Village of Alsip’s procedures for compliance with the Illinois Freedom of Information Act must be directed to:

 Freedom of Information Officer/ Susan Petzel c/o Clerk’s Office4500 W. 123rd Street, Alsip, IL 60803 

708-385-6902 (X319) or

Retrieve FOIA Request

You may email the request form back to the email address above