2021/2022 vehicle sticker. Special Hours or Purchase Online!

Special Hours!
Saturday, June 26th 8:00am to 1:00pm

Just a friendly reminder to all Alsip citizens to renew your city sticker.  Ticketing will be enforced on July 1st and late fees will begin on July 11th.  If you wish to fill out an application ahead of time and bring it to the village hall, the form is below.  You may also fill out an application at the village hall.  The ability to now renew your vehicle sticker online has been added to the village website!  Senior citizens(first vehicle), handicapped and military applicants must come into the village hall to complete their sticker purchase to approve first time eligibility.  Click the blue vehicle image above to renew online if this is not your first vehicle sticker purchased in Alsip.

Sticker Pricing


General Application


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