Elected Officials & Admin

John D. Ryan (Term 2017-2021)
President Of Village Board, Chair Of Liquor Commission, E-911 Board, Chair Of Economic Development Commission
Village Clerk
Susan M. Petzel (Term 2017-2021)
Chair: Village Clerk
Clerks Office Manager, Clerk Collections, Loss Prevention
Sheila B. McGreal (Term 2015-2019)
Chair: Police Dept, Human Resources, Insurance
Committee Member Of: Public Works, Building, Health & Pollution, Economic Development, Village Properties, Ordinance & Legislation
Richard S. Dalzell (Term 2015-2019)
Chair: Sewer & Water, Information Technologies
Committee Member Of: Finance, Fire Dept, Police Dept, Ordinance & Legislation
Michael J. Pierce (Term 2017-2021)
Chair: Health & Pollution, Economic Development, Ordinance & Legislation
Committee Member Of: Finance, Public Works, Sewer & Water, License, Human Resources, Insurance, Boat Launch
Michael Zielinski (Term 2017-2021)
Chair: Building, Planning & Zoning
Committee Member Of: Finance, Fire Dept, Health & Pollution, Sewer & Water, Economic Development, Ordinance & Legislation
Monica M. Juarez (Term 2017-2021)
Chair: Public Works, License, Boat Launch
Committee Member Of: Police Dept, Economic Development, Human Resources, Village Properties, Ordinance & Legislation, Planning & Zoning
Christine L. McLawhorn (Term 2017-2019)
Chair: Finance Dept, Fire Dept, Village Properties
Committee Member Of: Police, Building Dept, License, Insurance, Information Technologies, Boat Launch, Planning & Zoning


Finance Director
Kent Oliven
Committees: E-911