Village-Wide Clean Up Day Recognition

Alsip Mayor John Ryan & Administrative  Assistant Becky Smith, would like to  thank all of the local businesses and individuals who volunteered their time on Saturday 5/4/19 for the Village-wide Clean-up Day.

The Public Works Department reported 4 dump trucks full of debris and they filled all of the dumpsters at the yard, plus the dumpsters at the Boat Launch.

Special thanks to:

All our public works employees, Paul Iannarone, owner of Scott’s Garage,

The numerous Coca Cola employees, Justin Joseph, owner of Swap O Rama and his crew ,The large group of Grief Container  employees, Christine McLawhorn, Village Trustee, The support of many GC America  employees, Yvette McKinney, Resident ,Chris Murphy, Village Trustee ,The generous donation made by Impel Union Trucking Company, Dan & Bill, Resident and non-profit organizer at 131st & Orchard .And a special thanks to Instructors Brian, Bill & John of Sprinkler Fitters Local 281 for bringing 25 volunteers to help this effort .   Great Job Everyone!!!