Vehicle Sticker Registration

Vehicle stickers are required on all vehicles in the Village of Alsip and must be properly displayed by law on cars, trucks and motorcycles by July 1st. You should receive a pre-printed vehicle sticker renewal form in the mail on or about May 1st. The clerk’s office urges residents to order their stickers by mail. Simply read the renewal form, make any necessary changes and return the entire form along with a check for the required amount in the envelope provided.

New residents and new vehicle purchases have a 30 day grace period in which to purchase the vehicle sticker. In addition, if you purchase a new vehicle, you must transfer your vehicle sticker immediately. The fee for the vehicle sticker transfer is $2.00, if you return the old sticker. Senior citizens (62 and older) are entitled to one $5.00 vehicle sticker per household.

You must come into the village hall to register your vehicle for the first time.  After initial registration you can renew your sticker online here.